Hydraulic Edge of Dock

Hydraulic Edge of Dock

dock leveler

Mechanical Edge Of Dock

Hydraulic Pit Leveler

Hydraulic Pit Leveler

Mechanic Pit Leveler

Mechanic Pit Leveler

Avoid Expensive Dock Leveler Repairs

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Dock Leveler Maintenance

Dock leveler problems can bring your business to a grinding halt. Keep your warehouse running efficiently by getting dock leveler maintenance, repair and installation work done by DOCKS.N.DOORS in Miami, Florida. Our preventive maintenance services include the inspection of overhead door, dock leveler, dock seal, truck restraint, motors, pumps, sensors, etc. We inventory every equipment for each opening in your warehouse to keep track of its proper operation and maintenance. If we find problems with anything, we'll recommend and complete the necessary repairs. Our repairs are customer-focused, with the goal of your complete satisfaction. Our professional team of experts provides reliable dock leveler maintenance in Miami, FL and surrounding areas!

Keep your warehouse working at full capacity by scheduling regular dock leveler maintenance.

Dock Leveler Installation

If your current dock leveler just isn't doing the job, we offer custom dock leveler design and installation services. Do you need a dock leveler that's rustproof for food processing, or waterproof to prevent accidents? We will design and install the best dock to fit your exact operations. Our team will work directly with you to make sure your dock leveler has all the features you need to keep your business going. Your new custom dock leveler design will fit your specifications. Plus, we can install new doors, docks or equipment parts as needed.

Get a custom dock leveler design today in Miami, Florida or the surrounding areas from DOCKS.N.DOORS.

Dock leveler And Commercial Door Repair

Experience the difference durable dock equipment makes with high-end dock accessories. Dock equipment design, installation, and repair services. Below, we have listed a few problems that suggest it maybe time for maintenance, repair, or even new equipment installation. Schedule an appointment to repair or install your a dock door or dock leveler today with DOCKS.N.DOORS by calling (786) 258-8851! We provide quality service in Miami, FL and throughout the surrounding Florida areas!



  • Dock leveler lips that don't extend
  • Mechanical levelers that are hard to operate
  • Powered levelers that are not operational
  • Dock leveler weather seals are worn
  • Dock weather guards that are torn
  • Missing dock bumpers
  • Concrete damage
  • EODs that are not properly anchor
  • Vehicle restraints that aren't working
  • Restraint lights that aren't functional
  • Restraints getting hit by trucks
  • Worn, torn and weathered dock seals and shelters
  • Dock seals that have been damaged by vandals
  • Dock seals that are falling off the wall

  • Damaged sections
  • Light gaps causing pest control issues
  • Doors that are hard to open and close
  • Damaged slats and bottom bars
  • Door can't be secured
  • Broken springs and cables
  • Damaged slide locks
  • Rusted or damage angles
  • Missing rollers
  • Bent tracks
  • Doors that are stuck open or closed
  • Doors that drift down
  • Chain hoists that don't work
  • Operators that are not working
  • Damaged sensors
  • Bad limits on the operator
  • Damaged weather seals



Commercial Door: Grille

Commercial Door: Rolling

Commercial Door: Sectional

Commercial Door Covers

Dock Leveler : Edge of Dock & Hydraulic Edge of Dock

Pit Leveler: Airbag, Hydraulic and Mechanic

Services Offered

Here at DOCKS.N.DOORS, we offer a wide variety of commercial doors and dock leveler services throughout Miami, Florida and the surrounding areas! Below are some of the services we offer but are not limited to:

  • Commercial dock door repairs and installation
  • Overhead commercial dock door repairs and installation
  • Dock Equipment Design
  • Same-day emergency dock door and dock leveler repairs
  • Proactive dock leveler maintenance
  • Repair/replace asset

If you did not see a service you are looking for, please call us at (786) 258-8851 or fill out a form below!


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